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2021-2022 Animal Welfare Grant
Santa Fe Community Foundation

SHAP is thrilled to announce we received a $5,000 grant from the Santa Fe Community Foundation to jumpstart our work in 2022! 

We gratefully thank this wonderful Santa Fe institution known for community charity, grant awards, and general all-out goodness in our community. These dollars will go a long way to pay for food, supplies, and our enormous vet bills helping the companion animals of our homeless community. We are honored to be recognized for our vital work on the Street with this award.  

2018-2022 "Giving Together Fund"
Santa Fe Community Foundation


Golden Gate Fund

Kia Ora Fund


Wallen-Eloisa Family Fund  

Shaggy Peak Fund

Liberty Ranch Infinite
Possibilities Fund

Castagnola Family Fund

Shelly Koffler Humane Fund

Buckman Family Fund

Anonymous Memorial Fund

Alvin I. & Peggy Brown Family Charitable Foundation

Thank you for your generous support over the years! You make SHAP run!

2021 Doris Goodwin Walbridge Foundation 

Thank you Doris Goodwin Walbridge Foundation and Steve Gaber for your generous, on-going support of the work we do for the companion animals of the homeless as Northern New Mexico Street Homeless Animal Project. You are truly a lifeline for our work.

Randall Taishoff Charitable Foundation

The Richdale Charitable Foundation

Papineau Family Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation America

Fowler-Meligeni Charitable Trust

The Alice MacGraw Revocable Trust

Animal Welfare Fund

Louise Arnold Maddux
Environmental Foundation

The Aldrich/Bloch Family Trust

The Allene & Jerome Lapides Foundation

Elise R. Berlin Charitable Fund

Fowler-Meligeni Charitable Trust

LeAsmis Legacy Foundation

Ark Foundation

Kind World Foundation

PNC Charitable Trust

All Creatures Memorial Park/Bumby Medical Fund

Max and Anna Levinson Foundation

United Way of Central New Mexico

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