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Corporate Sponsors and Funding Organizations


More than ever our homeless population and their pets need assistance --100% of your donation is used to provide vital veterinary care, food, and other supplies for the Street animals of our community.

People experiencing homelessness, like many of the rest of us, find the companionship of an animal can alleviate some of the symptoms of stress and poor health. This population is at high risk of suffering post-traumatic stress, and other mental or physical issues. The positive benefits of companionship between human and animal is undeniable and is often the reason to keep going for members of our homeless community

Persons that are considered “homeless” are generally not in a long-term or emergency shelter, nor are they part of a transitional housing program. The street homeless may camp in the arroyos or in the mountains; they may live in abandoned buildings, or they may sleep in their vehicles. No matter where they and their four-legged companions are, they seek comfort, connection and safety with each other.

Since 2008, Bell Bank has empowered more than $21 million in charitable giving through its unique Pay It Forward program

DONATE NOW to Pay it Forward . . .

photo left to right: Peggy Laurel, Marketing & Development Director for SHAP; Bell Bank Mortgage Loan Officer DASH Hamblin; and SHAP Executive Director Karen Cain.  Accepting Bell Bank's Pay It Forward donation to SHAP!

peggy dash karen accepting bell bank check.jpg

Immense Gratitude to Our Sponsors and Supporters!

dashteam bell 3bank mortgagee.jpg

Bell Bank Mortgage
317 Paseo De Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Paying IT Forward with Bell Bank Mortgage:

Dash Hamblin says: "WE are so proud to be able to donate to the non-profit NM Street Homeless Animal Project through Bell Bank’s PAY IT FORWARD program.

We would love a matching donation from YOU…please help us raise more awareness and help us raise $5,000 for SHAP.

A special thank you to Paula Steinert for introducing us to SHAP.

We love you SHAP!

We love you Bell Bank!"

Dash pic.jpg

Dash Hamblin
Bell Bank Mortgage Loan Officer

The grateful SHAP Team says: "Dash Hamblin - you are a blessing of generosity with understanding for those on the Street and their beloved companion animals. You love with enormous heart and soul. SHAP thanks you so much!

chelsea 2cahill.jpg

In Memoriam Chelsea Cahill  

Dash says: "The DASH Team at Bell Bank Mortgage has made a donation in honor of Chelsea Cahill. A family friend, Chelsea died in 2021 by suicide. Chelsea was a vibrant soulful woman. She suffered from bipolar disorder yet she fought her illness with grace and determination, but in the end the illness took her from us.

Chelsea loved animals and for us this Pay IT Forward donation was the best way to honor her life.  We love you Chelsea!"

chelsea cahill and family on her 30th with dog.jpg

Chelsea Cahill with her family
and her pup Harley

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